- Lauter UK Photographic -

South Coast

Cape D'Entrecasteaux

The journey in the South Coast starts with a visit to Windy Harbour and the picturesque but wild Cape D'Entrecasteaux

Northcliffe to Peaceful Bay

From Northcliffe we travel through the beautiful forests of Shannon National Park, and Nornalup National Park to Walpole. Then take in some beautiful coastal views at the accurately named Peaceful Bay.

Mount Shadforth and Wilsons Inlet

We have a look at the countryside around Denmark, WA. Taking in the hilltop views from Mount Shadforth, before heading down to the coast at Wilsons Inlet


We visit the historic port town of Albany and its surrounds. Albany is a busy industrial port nestled amongst the hills with many bays and inlets. We take a look at it from the streets and from the hills that surround it.

Middleton Beach WA

This is a beautiful bayside town on the edge of Albany. With perfect beaches, a little harbour and some amazing bird life.

Torndirrup National Park

We take a look around the coastal Torndirrup National Park. Just a short drive from Albany you enter another world.


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