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Taken last year on an RSPB run reserve visit in Northumberland, photos of the Shag.

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A very atmospheric stormy Tupholme Abbey added into our Abbeys section of the Heritage area of our gallery.

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This lock down has allowed me to start catching up on some photos I never got round to processing. I have come across some hidden gems including this set of Puffin photos taken in spring 2019.

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New Gallery added for Waxwings. At the start of 2020 until lock down I was lucky to get some photos of waxwings as they visited nearby counties. A beautiful winter migrant. They feed on berries wherever they find them, including industrial estates and supermarket carparks. Not the places you usually expect to visit when looking for wildlife.

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One of the photography projects I gave myself this year was to photograph Lincolnshire. The county rarely appears in a Landscape photographers’ portfolio so I thought I would see if I could capture the essence of this county. Unfortunately, Lockdown has stopped this project in early days, so here are the photos I had taken so far along with a couple taken last Autumn.

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