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The last update focusing on this winter season brings you some frosty and snowy robins.

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It seems perfect timing on the last Sunday evening of January to launch a new gallery celebrating the beauty and stillness of a winter frost.

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This January the weather has been very kind to Landscape Photographers, with days of mist and days of frost, sometimes both. This new gallery “Misty Landscapes” celebrates misty frosty days. I hope you like the photos.

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The otter is a very elusive mammal to see in the UK. Shy and very well camouflaged, I have visited Scotland before without a single sighting. This time I got to see a dog otter and at another location got to spend some amazing time watching a mum and pup, as they hunted for food, rested, and played. The mother was very caring and protective of the pup and you could see a very strong bond between them. A real privilege to be given a brief glimpse into their lives. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Autumn is the season of the rut. So what better time to head out and photgraph some deer. Latest photos added to my Deer album

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