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About Paul Lauter

My interest in the countryside and nature were instilled in me by my grandfather when I was a child. In his house the radio was not turned on to provide us with music to listen to, instead the kitchen door was opened so that we could listen to the singing of the birds. On my favourite afternoons we used to climb a hill, and then just sit on its top, usually sharing an apple, as we took in the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside around us.

After heading to university and then starting my career in IT, the countryside was almost forgotten due to working long highly pressurised hours, with any spare time spent studying and testing new skills. I worked, I studied, I slept. That was it. In my late thirties I started to realise that my life was no longer fulfilling.

Remembering the happy countryside memories of my childhood, and to try to fix things, I joined a walking group to explore the countryside around me and reconnect with nature. I made new friends who enjoyed nature, even the joy of a ‘hill sit’, and they would join me. I would make notes of new areas I was discovering and then head back there to photograph them. As I quietly explored or just hill sat, wildlife started to make appearances. I realised how much I needed the countryside to put balance back into my life. I wanted to share these times with my family and non-walking friends so picked up a camera and just started taking photos.

I found I was enjoying the photography as much as walking. It was bringing me inner peace and happiness. I started to look at books, magazines, and YouTube to improve my camera skills. As my skills grew, I upgraded my cameras accordingly. I enjoyed Wildlife Photography due to the thrill of sharing moments in the life of animals in their natural environment. I was also enjoying the almost spiritual relaxation of Landscape Photography, where time seems to stand still, as I fully immersed myself in the nature around me.

When photographing wildlife there is always the urge to try to get a little bit closer for a better image. Most important to me is respecting the animals you are photographing, giving them the space and peace they deserve, even if that means stepping back and not capturing that dream photo.


I am a proud member of Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography, and am dedicated to following the Nature First Principles. For more information, visit Nature First Photography.

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